Thursday, July 25, 2013

ECF Plug-in Development -Part 2

Before you can run an exiting ECF project you need to have set ECF in your target platform.In this case I am trying to run OSGi Remote Service Host Example .If you haven not set the ECF in the target platform for the workspace you will be getting some errors like this.Even though you will not see these errors until you try to run the example.


 Install the ECF SDK into Eclipse

Go to Help> Install New Software
In the new window click the the Add button on the right.
And type ECF for the name put the following url for the Location field. 

Select the Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF) check box. And click next.
And ECF SDK will be installed.

After that 
Goto Window>Preferences>Plugin Development>Target Platform.
And. ECF Remote Services to the active target platform.


WARNING: Port 9278 already in use. This instance of R-OSGi is running on port 9279


 If you get an error when trying run an OSGi example or a project way to resolve this is to use the disable R-OSGi when you start the eclipse.

 You can do it by using the following command.

./eclipse -vmargs -Dch.ethz.iks.r_osgi.registerDefaultChannel=false

You can learn more about ECF OSGi Remote Services from this link.

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