Friday, May 17, 2013

GSoC 2013 Proposal PDE templates of OSGi remote services

Short description: The current Plug-in Development Environment (PDE) provides tools to create, develop, test, debug, build and deploy Eclipse plug-ins etc.This project focuses on creating a new template related with OSGi remote services which is compatible with the current PDE.

The PDE provides several templates for developing plugins.This projects focuses on  creating a PDE template of OSGi remote services with specific distribution providers and specifications.And the related documentation to the project.

Detailed Information

This project will develop  the new template to the existing  plugins development  wizard and will support existing wizard. 


Users will be able access the newly developed template through the wizard and the short description will be shown.

According to the specifications and the design of the OSGi remote service users will be able do the necessary changes.And the design will be similar to the existing GUI.

The ability to create a plug-in with a ready-to-run extension is appealing, particularly to novice Eclipse developers. Therefore,creating a template to be added to the  for Eclipse's more popular templates  during the plug-in project creation process will be a benefit to developers. 

In the time leading up to the start of the GSoC programme I am going to improve my knowledge about Eclipse Communication Framework . And my major goal is to get familiar with the OSGi Remote Services and Plug-in Development Environment.And thoroughly study the source code for existing PDE template for creating a remote service.To improve my knowledge on above aspects I expect to read the documents regarding them and to have a discussion with the project mentors.  

Working template in PDE which is related to OSGi Remote service.


April 25 - May 2:
Familiarize with ECF
Study the documentation about PDE OSGi

May 3 - June 16
Try out existing plugging development templates
Research about PDE.
Research about OSGi
Get more familiar with ECF

June 17 - July 20
Discuss and design a OSGi remote service
Start coding to integrate designed service
Start working  on GUI

July 20-August 2
Mid term Evaluation

August 2 - September 5
Add required new classes and update existing classes which requires to add OSGi Remote service.
Further develop the GUI and integrate it with the code
Integrate all implemented parts eclipse single project.

September 5- September 16
Test if added new functionality and old functionality is working properly.
Do the required changes to fix the bugs.

September 16- September 21

September 21 - September 23
Finish project and Submit Deliverable


I hope to  discussion with my mentors about the idea which will help to reduce the ambiguity of the requirements.

I am going to put effort and do my best to understand but if I am unable to do so I would like to get help from the mentors clarify things that  I do not understand about PDE and OSGI.

Contact Information


Phone number: +94718082232

Time-zone: GMT+5:30

I’m Suneth Vijayindu Walliwala Gamage. I am a third year  undergraduate in Department of Computer Science and Engineering in University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.Which has consecutively won GSOC’s most number of participant’s award since 2009 to 2012.I have much experience in java and developing various applications, basically I am doing programming with Java therefor I have a advance knowledge with programming in Java also I have experience with programming in  C,C++ and XML.I have implemented many projects in java including a one which spanned for four months.Also I was a project team member of the following  projects which were conducted by our department.

Patient Management System : for Base Hospital, Homagama [1]

Sheersha Yathra : Wheelchair for a Quadriplegic [2]

I am able to work 50 hours a week  for GSoC from June to September( 6 hours on weekdays and 10 hours on weekends).So I’m confident enough to take up this project as I have the required skill set for this project and I will deliver my best to make this project a success.`And I would like continue  forward the work for ECF even after GSoC finishes and to complete the work all the way to deployment.

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